Who we are

Supply Oilfield Services, Inc. was first established in the Philippines, to respond to the oil industry’s growing demand for logistical support. Prior to its incorporation in 1979, oil and gas companies operating in the Philippines had no other option but to rely on their own resources in order to support their own drilling activities. SOS then entered the picture and relieved these companies of the additional burden, subsequently building the business as a total logistics provider for the oil & gas industry.

In 1981, we were asked to provide skilled professionals for an offshore rig in the north of the Philippines, the client was very happy with the crew we supplied that they asked us to ensure that they would be available to accompany the rig all the way to Egypt. This was the birth of our overseas onshore and offshore employment group.

This story resonates throughout the years; as our clients’ needs arose and evolved so did the creation of our new services, in which, we are now specialists.

Our Present: A Message from the Chairman

The success of SOS as the leading logistics and manpower provider for the oil, gas and related industries in its more than 30 years of existence in the Philippines is easily described by two words: dedication and quality.

It is a dedication that is undying in its persistence to achieve a project’s completion and success.  It is a quality that is bound only by the firm conviction that excellence in service has no possible limits.

Since the late 70s, SOS has been continually developing its acknowledged strength in logistics services, primarily for the oil and gas industry, and through the years, for other sectors like power and energy, petrochemical, telecommunications, mining, construction and engineering, among others.

We have become a full service company that has surpassed my initial vision thanks to the caliber of all of our clients who have taught us and from whom we’ve learned how to be an international player in our highly competitive industry.

In line with this dedication to developing our knowhow and truly growing into a strategic asset for you and our profession, as well as a continuous need for innovation and upward evolution. We have been joined by two formidable companies that share our new vision: Miascor and Newrest.

The Miascor group, known for its expertise in ground handling, catering, and airport logistics, has been keen to expand into the fast growing services business for mining and oil exploration, where billions of dollars are expected to be spent over the next five years as the Philippines opens up to foreign investors.

The Newrest Group is present in 46 countries, is a provider of catering services and remote site management of large infrastructure and logistics projects. It manages a turnover in excess of 1,2 Billion USD per annum with more than 20 000 employees and is present in 5 catering service sectors.

With these two international companies, we are confident that we are expanding our presence in the Philippines and in the World, not only creating new business lines, exponentially enhancing our current core values and services but also by being an operational company that strives to bring more quality and commitment to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Your Goals are our First Priority.
Louis Paul Heussaff

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